Complex Automated Process Emails with Make

Hi there, everyone!

I am quite new to Make and have been learning it for a couple of weeks now. I am trying to land my first client in the near future, and I figured the most logical implementation would be to create a scenario that organizes incoming emails. However, the more I invest in creating a good system that covers all possible incoming emails, the more I feel like it is still quite limited.

For example, I am trying to make an automated mailing system that handles book orders, questions, requests, and everything in between. One challenge is that, in human email traffic, you are not only dealing with a current email but also with an email thread containing previous information. Is there any way to take the information within an email thread and possibly use it within a response?

Is it possible to cover all these nuances, or is that just too much to ask? Another idea I had was to draft emails so that a human could still add a personal touch.

Maybe I am overcomplicating things, and it is actually quite easy to categorize 90% of incoming email traffic. Does anyone have experience with this and could offer some general advice?


Why not punt to a human or ChatGPT to categorize the other 10%. Maybe if you can offer some more details as to what you are currently doing and where you think there may be opportunities for improvement we can provide more precise advice. General design advice maybe out of scope of what the community members can offer though. I dunno…

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If you are using Gmail or Google Workspace Gmail, you could just use the inbuilt filters in the settings to sort most of the emails into labels.

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Hee thanks for your response!
I figured it might just be something i’d have to discover myself. But maybe other people in the community recognize my situation and would like to get in contact, so I will share it anyway. Also feel free to respond anyway! :slightly_smiling_face:

I am working for a bookshop. They have a very oldfashioned system they want to stick to in which basically every communication CRM goes into one mailinbox. The company has multiple stores so they can’t really change much without making changes higherup. Therefor I am trying to automate everything within the given system of mailing back and forth with customers.

These mails range from questions on very niche books, to questions on souvenirs we sell/used to sell, to when we are opened, to orders. But often its a combination of those, with each mail having its own little thingy. Maybe someone refers to an attached file, maybe someone refers to a earlier sent mail, maybe the book is very niche, stuff like this. I am just wondering how to make a system that is as secure as possible, being able to handle these diverse mails.

Thats true! The problem is more so that one mail can contain content of different categories. So you would want to awsner in one mail different things like: general questions, orders of different kinds, maybe it contains something like “if you have this book in this language it would like to order it”, there is just so many ways in which a relatively simple mail could be formulated, i feel like it would require a very intricate system. For more context it would refer to my other response in here!

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