Seeking assistance with scenario: Integration Gmail, Google Sheets

Hi! I attempted to post this in Solution Exchange but it kept saying tags were unavailable, which is required for posting.

I’m looking for ad hoc assistance with a specific Make scenario that Watches emails > Filters emails that include invoices > Uploads the attachments to Google Drive > Adds the email to a Google sheet.

I’ve already built the scenario and in doing tests it worked well, but I keep running into errors and snags that have been time consuming when trying to troubleshoot, myself. I’m located in the US so keep that in mind for exchange rates with payment.


Hi @Catherine_Kitchin,

I would be happy to help! Based in Belgium but I have some clients in the US.
Feel free to schedule a hands-on session during which we have a look at the problem(s), via: Make Support.
I don’t charge if I’m not able to help.

Best regards,

Open to cooperation. I can help in customizing the script. Write to me in a private message here or e-mail me at

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