Seeking a Make expert with Google Sheets XP for a consult call

hey folks :wave:

I’m currently working on getting Make scenarios together, with the goal of pulling data from GA4, logging it to a Google sheet, pushing it to an api, and then afterwards logging the initial data along with the API response (or a fixed value based on the response) to a different sheet within the same spreadsheet.

This is my first time working with google sheets with this type of flow — so, instead of trialling and erroring my way to a solution, I’m looking for an expert who is willing and able to consult with me on this on call, the sooner the better. :smiling_face:

Here’s a short video overview of the flow — with my objectives, and current obstacles:

And, the accompanying whimsical doc too:

Please DM me your proposed rate for a consult call and availability✌️
(I’ll be prioritising those who can hop on a call today)


p.s. would’ve posted this in the Solution Exchange, but seems I don’t have the right level for that yet :man_shrugging:t2:. There should be info in the category description what the requirements are for posting there.

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Hi @aidy thanks for the note!

Just a quick heads-up! Everyone has the permissions to post in this category. The key is to pick the section that best suits your inquiry. :blush:

In your case, that would be Professional Services.

Anyway, I’m sure you’ll find someone to lend a hand here in no time! :handshake:


ohh… didn’t see that option in the header bar!

thanks for the clarification, and for moving it to the right place! :blush:



yes we can help you for this project intergration with google sheet to API integrations and implement to them we are a partner with make

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I like the enthusiasm!

Unfortunately, the follow through from Groww Stacks didn’t match up… I booked a call today, and the host didn’t show up :face_with_diagonal_mouth: :man_shrugging:t2:

sorry for inconvience today is hactic shedule for election

Kindly share the your calendly link,

Hey @aidy , you could use a combination of Google Apps scripts, Formulas & Make to setup a nice integration between the tools. Not sure what exact issues you have right now, but from experience I know that this would already solve a good amount challenges.


Hey Aidy,

I’m all about streamlining workflows and making data magic happen. Your GA4 to Google Sheets to API flow sounds like a fascinating challenge. I’d love to hop on a call and help you iron out the wrinkles.

You can reach out to me on my email here



hey @Bjorn.drivn ,

Thanks, appreciate you chiming in!

Yup, that’s exactly the route I ended up taking to solve this case :sweat_smile:

Wasted some time with the G-Sheet perform a function option before going with the Google Apps Script and Make webhook route, will share the details below.


Well folks, I ended up taking the path of trial and error :sweat_smile:

With the help of Claude and GPT I arrived at a working solution that uses a google apps script to:

  • Turn the table data into the correct JSON payload.
  • Runs some deduplication checks.
  • Sends it to a Make webhook.
  • Adds payload logs (startTime, endTime, ObjectCount, Status).
  • Then also adds all initial individual row data to another sheet too.

The Make scenario uses a JSON parser and Text aggregator to select specific data and prepare it for the API request, with a webhook response to log the response code and message back to the origin sheet.

Following my initial post, I experimented with the Google Sheets Perform A Function module, but soon realised that this didn’t give me enough flexibility in managing a larger payload — which has more to do with Google sheets max char (50k) limit for TEXTJOIN.

Although, I still have some further tweaks to be made as I’ve encountered another issue when I ported over the Apps Script from my test sheet to the live one (under a different G-Workspace domain).

Exception: You do not have permission to call appendRow

The apps script function is invoked when the payload sheet has data.
=IF(COUNTA(A2:A)>0,SendJSONArray(),"No data to push right now")

Weird thing is that I also got this error on my own sheet + apps script, but it ran the requests through anyway :man_shrugging:t2::sweat_smile:

I’ll experiment with an additional helper function column, or go for the time-based trigger instead (former is definitely the preferred option so the script is only invoked when new data comes in).

In the end, the scenarios in Make turned out quite simple.

Most of the time I spent amending the apps script to make sure it was sending the data without duplicates, while also accounting for and logging any potential errors.

Thanks for all who chimed in here or via DMs :v:

p.s. Why I ended up tackling this on my end, instead of pursuing with the initial approach of looping in an expert:

90% of the DMs I received didn’t convince me to hop on a call — none of them had rate nor availability stated for a 1hr consult call.

Of those that wanted to follow through with a conversation, none of them shared a scheduling link, or a link to their website.

For the call that I did book, I was given the link to their listing on the Make partner directory, so then I had to navigate to their site and find if/where there was an option to book.

Therein, that call ending up as a no show on their part because they didn’t factor in a public scheduled event into their rep’s availability (something that could be… automated)

Heed this advice partners — if you have a prospect that indicates they’re willing to jump on a paid consult call asap, then you’d best make sure to make it as transparent (rate $) and easy as possible for them to do so. Which should be the default in any case. :v:t2: