Converge Daat from 2 API requests

Hi we are using connections to the Katana API. To do useful stuff often we need to combine the results from multiple API calls.

e.g. in one call we might get variant_id but we then need to make another to list variants and get the matching variant name.

To do this I’ve been trying to follow the converger pattern. Loading data from one API and storing it in a variable, and then in another path trying to access the variable.

In this example, the bottom path is loading variants which gives me the variant_id and SKU. In the top path, I’m loading inventory which gives me variant_id and quantity in stock what I want to do is add the SKU in the top path as well, so we can finally output something that includes SKU and quantity in stock.

The bit I’m stuck on is I can get the variable, but then what do I do to extract the SKU?