Multiple API calls

Hi, I’m stuck and hope someone can help

I’ve got a single API call, an iterator and updating Airtable with the results (multiple records from the call) … all works

I need to make a second API call after the first, for each record returned make another call to get additional data for each record.

I can’t figure out where I may that second call and if I need an additional iterator

Any help appreciated, thanks

Hmm, You can just use the HTTP Module after the Iterator which will fetch the additional details that is required for Airtable.

Can you share how your scenario looks like at the moment?

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Hi Runcorn

Thanks for taking time to reply


I want to make the second call for each item in the Iterator

Moved it on a little bit by putting the second HTTPS and using the ID from the iterator as a Query String parameter and getting “No filter selected. Expected one of: chart, myRating, id”


Yeah, that’s looks good.

You can now map the results of the HTTP module in the airtable records. Are you facing any issues doing that?

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Sorry, I misread that, Can you share the API document for the API you are consuming? From the error, the API for GET requests is expecting chart, myRating, id.

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It’s the YouTube Data API. Basically want to build a table that I can prioritise videos I want to watch…

Second HTTP request is:

Passing the VideoID from the iterator as a query parameter

Can you crosscheck if you are getting id as part of the response iterator?

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Yes I am without the second HTTP call it’s going to the database as expected