How to join output fields from multiple API calls in one Scenario?

I know this topic has been discussed a few times but I can’t get this to work.
I have webhook that get data from a form and fires a api call.
The data I get from the api call is then directed to an iterator and further to a Gohighlevel api that creates a new contact with the data. So far so good…
But the first api call gets a data that I need to fire a second api call to get additional data (upper string in the image below). This data from the api I send to another iterator and then should also be included int he Gohighlevel contact creation. How do I get this done? Any suggestions?


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  1. You can either avoid using routers so that your scenario is linear, or

  2. You can use the Router Magic Formula to pass the document ID to the other routes (link below)

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Thank you very much! I will try it out :+1: