Convert a flat row in Airtable, into an array of collections

Hi. I have a Table in Airtable, which contains a flat list of columns like LineItem1.Title, LineItem1.Value, LineItem1.TaxCode, LineItem2.Title, LineItem2.Value, LineItem2.TaxCode etc. (4 line items in total)

The reason that these are not actually another table, is because they are generated using Formulas.

I would like to insert these into Xero by the Create an Invoice module. The issue is that Xero throws an error if the Value is 0, as it expects it to be filled in. I would like to be able to convert this flat list in a collection, an array of LineItems.

I was trying to use an Array Aggregator, to aggregate into an array but I can only output 1 of the 4 line items this way, as the source can only be used once.

Any clean way how one can convert a one collection, into 4 items in an array?

Below is a screenshot:

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Hi. I understand, I’ll ensure I’ll upload screenshots directly. I’ve updated it accordingly. I don’t have a specific scenario running or input/output bundles, as I am still in the process of creating the scenario as I’m not sure how one can do this.