Convert HTML Table to an array

Dear Makers,
I am trying to convert HTML table values to an array. I am using the “get content from HTML Table”. This works, but I am stuggeling to make this into an array.
I’ve tried Itterator, multiple itterrators, interetors with agregators, but nothing gives me an array where I can access the indivual values of the original table. What am I missing? Please help.

Hi, did you try the “Text aggregator” with the following settings:

With this you should be able to create the content of the array.
Finally wrap this in some brackets and it should be what you need.

Note: I am struggeling myself with some array stuff right now, so I might be wrong.

@Ingo Thanks. Unfortunately, that did not do the tric.
So let me start at the beginning.
I have this HTML-table and I want to be able to use all the values in another module. Does anyone know how to accomplish this?

Hey @Steven,

I used some dummy HTML data in a test scenario real quick (similar to yours):

First name Steven
Last name Doe
Activity Open Day

So this then returns this when pushed through the “Get content from HTML table” module (as you’re already using).

So this creates an array called Rows. We could push this through an iterator to separate the rows, but that seems a bit too much for the use case.

So if we want to get the first name for exampe, we can use the get() formule in Make, and pull it like this:

(in human language: we’re getting the second column from the first row.)


This will in return get the first name from within the table. And you can do this for all of them, by changing the row you want to retrieve. The data is always in column 2.

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:


Thanks for this solution. It is so simple, yet effective!
The incoming emails contain more than one table, which are converted to multiple bundles. I used a simple filter to only pass the bundle with an email address (using regex) to the Set Variable module. I works like a charm.