Converting multiple operations output of Iterator to a single Array Aggregator output

Hi fellow Make users,

In Airtable we have Projects—>Rooms—>Items
We create an invoice for all Items in a Project
We need a Subtotal line inserted after every Room indicating the total amount of a room.

For Eg: We have 3 Rooms in a Project and Room-1 has 5 Items, Room-2 has 3 items, Room-3 has 4 items. So total number of items = 12
I need a subtotal line inserted after first 5 items, then after 3 items, and another one after the remaining 4 items.

I tried doing this but my solution creates 3 different invoices(one for every room) instead of one invoice. Am i doing this correct or do I need to implement something else entirely? Please guide me.

Set the source module for your last aggregator to a module that only has one output.

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Thanks for your response, Michael. I tried doing that. The module with one output before the last aggregator is another aggregator. When I used it as source module, only the first line item from operation got added into the final aggregated output.