Copy address to clipboard doing nothing?

I’m trying to create a Xero webhook but the ‘copy address to clipboard’ does not do anything when I click on it

Hi @spoilts,

You might want to contact support directly for faster support regarding bugs and technical issues. They respond very quickly and provide frequent updates on your tickets.


Hi, I would, except support are incredibly useless so far at responding to queries on here. For example:

Perhaps they have never set up a webhook before or got confused.

You might need to show them this gif (it’s for a mailhook but the copy to clipboard is the same).

Which can be found in the help center under “Custom mailhook” > “Example Of Use”.


Hi @spoilts

The Xero webhook is a shared webhook. That means that users don’t require their own webhook URL since all webhooks are received via our URL and then rerouted to the scenarios. It’s true that in this case the button is unnecessary and serves no function. Thanks a lot for highlighting this.

Friendly Reminder: When seeking help within the community or through support tickets, providing details is key. Including as much context as possible helps agents and community members understand your objective, reducing the need for additional questions.

Our agent struggled to grasp your query due to the lack of specifics (app name, module details, the fact that you’re working with webhooks) in your ticket’s subject and content. It’s worth noting that Make involves various clipboard-related actions, which led to Jonathan’s response. Let’s maintain a positive tone, please. There’s no need to label something as “useless.”

Thanks :pray:


I mean, they created an animated GIF showing my exact module and app, which if clicked on would have shown it was a webhook…

To address the webhook query directly:

Make’s documentation for Xero spells out requiring the webhook URL to set it up on Xero’s end

  1. Go to the My Apps page of your Xero Developer account and select the app in which you want to set up the webhook.Note: To create a new app, click New app, enter your Company or application URL, paste the following Redirect URI:, and click Create app.
  2. Click the Webhooks tab on the left sidebar.
  3. Follow the steps listed in Xero’s Creating a webhookpage. Use the link you copied in step 3 as the Delivery URL.

So I don’t understand the advice given in this thread

Thanks a lot for the extra context. Ok, so this looks like a mistake in the documentation or in the module. In that case, it’s best to continue talking to the team in the ticket since the community does not have the necessary tools for deeper investigation and potential bug reporting.

In the meantime, I let my colleagues from the support team know about this so that they can escalate this to the relevant team. You’ll hear from them soon. Thank you very much for raising this here. :pray:


Hi again @spoilts

I just wanted to quickly update you on this.

After deeper investigation, the dev team has confirmed that the Xero webhook module doesn’t require a URL to be manually registered with Xero. The webhook is automatically registered with Xero and should function immediately after you create and save the scenario.

In other words, this is not a bug but rather a mistake in our documentation. We are now working on fixing this and eliminating the confusion.

Once again, thanks a lot for flagging this.