Creating a webhook from Xero

Relatively new to make, have created a few scenarios going from Airtable to Xero so far but now I’m trying to go the other way with a Webhook from Xero.

What I’ve done so far,

  1. Create a Xero Webhook module in Make and connect to my account
  2. Gone over to Xero Developer to set up the webhook
  3. Add an “app” for Make webhook

This is where I’m stuck. First it asked me for a “Redirect URI”, I’ve tried finding this but I have no idea what it is.
Then it’s also asking me for a delivery URL, but I can’t seem to copy the webhook URL from Make.

What am I supposed to be doing?

Hi @Pascal_Maier,

Your problem is certainly linked to this one.
I must confess that it is not really clear, but it may help you.


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Hi @Philippe_Billet,

I have had a look at that one but doesn’t really make sense to me.
The Make community manager said “The webhook is automatically registered with Xero and should function immediately after you create and save the scenario.”

Still doesn’t help. I’ll respond to that thread and ask what the solution is.


@Pascal_Maier If I understand right, relating back to your first post, all you need to do is step 1.

Make does step 2 automatically, and step 3 is already covered.



Wow, that’s so simple I didn’t even consider that! I thought there must be something else I have to do on the Xero end.
Maybe the documentation on Xero integration should be updated to explain that.

Thanks for your help!

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Hey @Pascal_Maier - thanks for confirming. One of my colleagues has already picked up on that from your query, and has raised a Doc change request to cover it!