Linking Wild Apricot to Xero

Our non-for-profit is using Wild Apricot but the accountant uses Xero so it takes many hours of work for her to get the data she needs into Xero.

Has anyone used Make to link WA and Xero or know what is possible in terms of using Make to integrate Wild Apricot to Xero?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Thank you

Heza @Susan1 welcome to the community :wave:

I’m gonna go ahead and tag the wonderful @alex.newpath here since he’s the community’s Wild Apricot superhero and could have some insight to share.

In order to learn a bit about the possibilities of connecting Make to an accounting system, you can check out this piece: 💡 Make it Happen with Alex Sirota: Automating Invoices and Payments.

Thank you @Michaela. Much appreciate you help.
Kind regards


Hello @Susan1 hope you are doing well.

Yes we already linked WildApricot to QuickBooks Online and Desktop with a set of automation scenarios that have a lot of flexibility in terms of mapping revenue from various modules like events and memberships.

With Xero the approach is similar but we haven’t yet invested in seeing if the approach will be the same. In theory it should be.

If you are interested we can have a conversation about your requirements. There is an upfront investment and a minimal yearly license fee as well as a account you’d need to purchase.