Couple of utilities developed based on Make

Hey Makers,

I am a co-founder at and we use the Make tool for running a lot of automation as well as developing some small utilities.

Being a startup, I realized that perhaps some of the problems we face might also be relevant to others as well.

And hence, I have started with a personal no-code space on Gumroad. I plan to put out more utilities (both free and paid) that I find useful for others (mostly Make is what will wire them up :slight_smile: )

The current utilities I have published include:

  • A social media management tool
  • Create google meeting based on a Clickup task

You can check out the above here

How awesome @Nishith_Gupta! Feel free to give the community a shout-out whenever there are new pieces on your Gumroad space. And thanks so much for sharing this with us :pray:

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Hey @Michaela! thanks a lot.

Definitely, have already couple of more utilities in the pipeline :slight_smile:

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