Create a CSV file from AirTable to add to iPhone Contacts

How do I create a CSV contacts file that I can send via email? Steps:

  1. Aggregate data from AirTable
  2. Add data to a CSV
  3. Send a CSV file via email to myself that I can click on and add to my iPhone.

Basically I am trying to create a workflow that will take Client’s data from AirTable and create a contact in my iPhone.

Edit: I discovered that I can create a contact on iOS via a built-in integration. However, I am still curious to to create a CSV file for future.

Hey @slyfox,

You can use the search records action of the Airtable module, and then use the CSV module after that to turn those records into a CSV file.

You can send the output of that module as an attachment in an email, for example by using the Gmail module.

Hope this was helpful!

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Feeding data into the CSV module is not a problem. How do I email the CSV file?

Passing data from CSV to Email module comes out as text; and not as a file.

You might be able to add the csv file as an attachment?

Otherwise there is an iOS module where you could directly create a new contact in your phone :slight_smile:

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That is the problem. I can only pass text and not a CSV file.

This is exactly the issue i’m trying to solve for. How do i attach the csv file to an email step after it. The only option i see is to use the text from the create csv step.