Create a Google Doc from multiple Google Sheets entries

Hi Make Community,

I’m new to Make and was wondering how to summarise a google sheet into a simple Google doc at the end of each week.

Here is the sheet:

You can see there are 3 contractors each with the own number (1-3) I want a report for each contractor at the end of each week.

The challenge I have is trying to get multiple rows of data in to one Google Doc for each contractor each week.

I made this Google Doc template:

I have just started mucking around in Make and thought that routing each contractor and filtering with their code would allow me to aggregate each row into one Google Doc.

Here is the Scenario:

I’m wondering if I’m making this too complicated? The reports are just our office staff to double check before requesting the invoice.

Addison Appliances Team.

This is a really good design question. As far as the scenario design goes it may be a little too difficult to maintain as you add contractors. You’ll have more routes and each change will need to be done to every google doc module.

You’ll need to figure out a few things before going further:

  1. How do you keep track of what data you’ve already processed in google sheet? Maybe there’s an extra field in google sheets you update at the end of the report generation? This could be done manually by the checker or automatically in scenario

  2. Instead of multiple routes why not search google sheet for all “outstanding contractor ids” first and put that into an output bundle that will naturally drive the rest of the scenario by contractor?

You should map out a sort of plan of attack on paper first and then build the scenario to suit. Tackling a scenario like this without some planning first may take you in the wrong direction.

  1. The google doc is an interesting choice. What happens if the number of rows goes beyond your google doc template. Out of there are not enough rows? Can I suggest you build your report in something else?

In fact you may not need Make at all for this. How about Google Data Studio which can read google sheets and create nice looking tables and even graphs. These can be sent by PDF format. I think picking the right tool for the job is crucial. A report builder like GDS seems to be a better pick.