Create a preconfigured module template

I am asking myself.

In almost all the schenarios i got i have the same configuration of some modules as Gmail modules for example. (i want to send all my oficial emails in the same formate, same sender, same CC, and same signature)

is there any way to store something like a template of those modules so i could be able to load the preconfigured module in a new schenario?

Hi @Tengo_Teatro,

I am not sure if there is something exactly like you described it but you can copy a module in one scenario and simply paste it into another.
So if you have one configuration which is perfect for you, you can simply use that.

Another alternative would be to create a scenario with a webhook as a trigger and the Gmail module after it. Then everytime you want to send an email with your standard settings just use the HTTP module to call the webhook.

I hope one of the approaches help you!


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@Tengo_Teatro Can you do this with the “Export Blueprint” feature?