Issues with team templates


I’ve created some templates for my team that we don’t intend to publish. I’ve check the box for Wizard with a short explanation, but when I create the scenario the boxes are empty. Is there a limitation in functionality because it isn’t a public template?

Additionally (regardless of if I use the Wizard feature or not), I get an “Unknown Exception: The hook already has a scenario.” error message.

I don’t have any webhooks chosen in the dropdowns of any of the modules I’m using.

The template functionality is rather useless for us if this is the expected behavior, so I’m asking the community first before resorting to blueprints again. Thanks!

EDIT: I suspect the issues stem from the template being created by a copy/paste of the modules of an existing scenario, so there must be some information still stored within that I can’t see.

@Charle_Remen Most probably the blueprint/template that you are using, is calling or using the web-hook that is already in use.