Team to Pro plan: Possible to keep existing workflows?

Hi there,

In the following months I will have to adjust my plan from Teams to Pro plan. I am therefore wondering the amount of work, if any, this will trigger any additional work on my side.

  • Should I expect to loose all my scenarios?
  • How can I ensure a smooth transition of my scenarios? Via Blueprints? What about the webhooks, would they have to all be re-parametered as well?

Thanks for your help.

You won’t lose your scenarios or webhooks, so nothing needs to be done.

The main differences are:

  • lower maximum file size
  • lower Make API call limit per minute
  • cannot create additional teams and team roles
  • cannot create and share scenario templates
  • lower tier of customer support

If you have more than one team or team roles in the organization, I’m not quite sure what happens to them. You may need to contact customer support for that.

Hello @Paul_Coadic :wave:

As you transition from multiple teams to one, the key is to move all your scenarios, data structures, connections, and templates to a single team. You will not lose your templates if they are in your remaining team. As far as webhooks go, there is no action necessary.

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Thank you both, will follow your recommendation, but happy to hear that besides the limitations inherent to the pro plan, no other changes are to be expected!

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