Creating scenario templates

Why is the ability to create templates restricted to the Team plan? I have been asked several times to share my scenarios but there doesn’t seem to be a way unless I upgrade to the Team plan.

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That’s a great idea! I’m sure others would agree that this is a nice feature to have on other plans.

You can submit this suggestion to the Idea exchange, under Platform ideas and improvements.

Don’t forget to search for it first, just in case someone already suggested it, so that you don’t end up creating a duplicate.

In the meantime, you can export/import scenarios.

Hello @Sahil_Khosla welcome to the community :wave:

Thanks a lot for sharing your feedback.

It’s important to note that keeping templates available for the Teams plan is a business decision that is unlikely to change in the near future. However, you can always opt for sharing scenarios via a blueprint which is accessible on all plans.

Simply navigate to the three dots on the bottom bar and select “export/import blueprint”.