Turn an existing scenario into a Template

Can you please guide me on how to convert a functional scenario into a template?

Although I can create a template from scratch by clicking the “new template” button, I don’t see a clear way to convert an existing scenario into a template.

Is it possible to export the blueprint and then import it as a template?

Yes, the option is available right in the three dots.

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Thanks @GrowwStacks for the quick response.

I’m getting stuck on the Template side. Where in the Template section can I go to import the Blueprint?

Create and share template is only feature in Teams and Enterprise plan

Contact support

@GrowwStacks I’m on the Teams plan but don’t see any option to import. (ie No three dots…)

I’ll definitely reach out to Support.

I think you will not get the option to import blueprint here,

You just have to create the scenario from scratch and save it.

But always better to get guidance from support experts.

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Agreed. Thank you for checking.

Heya @rmanor

Unfortunately, you cannot currently import a blueprint of your scenario when creating a template.

However, an easy way of adding pre-mapped modules into the template editor is by copy-pasting them from a different scenario.

Copy-paste: hold shift + select modules.