Create a spreadsheet from a template module in Google Sheeets throwing error

I am trying to create a Google spreadsheet and add rows from Airtable. I am using my personal google mail id. I am using "create a spreadsheet from a template module " in make. Scenario diagram attached. I am getting error “Values are missing.” while trying to run this.
I created a google sheet which acts as a template which contains a header like first_name, last_name, city etc.
Objective is to create a new sheet (using this template) for every run (when there are records from Airtable) and store the new sheet in a separate folder

Please suggest how to resolve this.

Hey @Sri , so this error means that some values which the Google Sheet module is using are not there.
What kind of mapping do you have in your “Create spreadsheet from Template” module?
Are all the required values in there?
You can click on the output icon above the module to see what kind of input/output you have

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Hi. Try send us the print screen of the mapping fields you are using. And try to show us the error details by clicking on the red icon above the module. This way the community can help you.


Thanks, Helio!
If you have questions reach out :wink:

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I am sharing the screen shot for the error message

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