Missing Values - Google Spreadsheet from Template

Hi all, I am trying to understand an error message when trying to generate a spreadsheet based on a template. I don’t have any variables in the template, and in any event the same problem happens even when I’m trying to generate even an empty spreadsheet as a template. Trying to understand what values could there be, for them to be missing. Would appreciate any help on this!

Hi @Snail,

The module requires at least one variable tag to work. You might see something like this when using the Module,

⊙ If the spreadsheet contains tags like {{name}}, they are retrieved below.
⊙ Your file MUST contain at least one tag for this module to work.

So, for it to work, you need at least one template tag/variable.

If you are trying to create a copy of the Spreadsheet then I think it might be better for you to use Google Drive > Copy a File and pass the spreadsheet ID over there.

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I stared at that message for hours and still didn’t see it. Thank you!