Gsheets: create new spreadsheet form template and fill with new data

Hey Makers! I can’t seem to find any documentation on the “Gsheets: create new spreadsheet form template” function.

It fails because it states “Your file MUST contain at least one tag for this module to work.”

What do they mean by TAG? as far as I’m aware, I have no tagging column on this particular spreadsheet.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Ok solved the tag by wrapping one of the column texts in {{example}}.

My question now is, how do I occupy the newly created spreadsheet with new data from a from which is triggering the new spreadsheet action

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Hi @Dave_Legion,

you twisted your last sentence but I think you meant typeform data?
Can you use the “Update row” module?

It highly depends on the format of your google sheets :see_no_evil:

Hope it helps!

Hi @Richard_Johannes thanks for your response. I worded that terribly, sorry.

Let’s try it again. I’m using MAKE to create a ‘new spreadsheet from template’ triggered from a new typeform submission. Which works.

The expected behaviour was for the typeform data to occupy/fill that newly created templated spreadsheet with that data. It did not.

Would you have any ideas about how you would go about doing this?

Hopefully, that’s a little clearer! Thanks in advance :grinning:

II am stalled at the same point.

May you explain in more detail how did you solved this? How did you wrap one of the column texts in the template spreadsheet?

What did you do in make to connect with that tag?

Thank you in advance

Hi there,

in at least 1 cell in the spreadsheet you are copying (the template) you need to define a tag using the {{Tag Goes Here}} syntax.

Then when you run the module for google sheet from template, you will need to populate that variable with something. So maybe the easiest thing is in the template put somewhere {{Date Copied}} and then in your make scenario just pass along ‘now’ (maybe formatted).

Hope this helped!

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