What type of tags is Make requiring in Google Sheets?

When adding the Google Sheets module in a scenario to create a new spreadsheet based on a template, the module is asking me for the spreadsheet to have at least one tag.

Can anyone help me with the type of tags Make requires in the google sheets?

Hi Chakana - in at least 1 cell in the spreadsheet you are copying (the template) you need to define a tag using the {{Tag Goes Here}}

Then when you run the module for google sheet from template, you will need to populate that variable with something. So maybe the easiest thing is in the template put somewhere {{Date Copied}} and then in your make scenario just pass along ‘now’ (maybe formatted).

Hope this helped!

PS - I think there are some other modules that use this same idea.

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Thanks @Joseph_Accountant !
So easy, but so useless when you don’t know about it…
Quite suprised there is no help link/tooltips below this error message though.

Submit this to Make’s idea exchange portal and the dev team will pick it to improve.