Google Sheets - Tag issue - Module create a spreadsheet from a template


I am trying to create a Google Sheets spreadsheet with the “Create a spreadsheet from a template” module using the {{tags}}.

I have more than one tag in a single row, but Make only recognizes the first tag in the row. So I am unable to map all the data.

Is it simply the way it works? Or how can I see all my {{tags}} to be able to map them?


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Only one Tag valid for one cell in Google Sheet

Sachin Shrivastava


Thanks for the reply. Where did you get this information?

I am asking because I have access to a spreadsheet another person created, and it has up to 3 {{tags}} in the same row, and it works correctly.

I tried it myself.

When I write two tags in one cell its not working but when write two tags in two cells its working properly.

You can use multiple tags in a row but not in cell.


My mistake in the first post. I meant “cell”, not row.

That is odd. I do not know how this other spreadsheet works with more than one {{tag}} in the same cell.