Etsy Module: how can upload multiple mapped tags in the Etsy Creating List

Hi All,

Newbie here. I am able to create an Etsy listing whithout adding a tag, but when I try to add multiple tags (comma separated from a Google sheet cell) into a mapped tags field, I got an error.

I’ve tried everything: tag1, tag2 or tag1,tag2 or tag1;tag2, (tag1, tag2), etc.

If I used a non mapped option, I am able to put a single value from a google sheet cell, but I don’t want to create 13 different cell on Google Sheet.

Someone can help me, please?

Hi @Enrico_Pennacchio,

Based on your screenshot, it seems like you are trying to map the value of the Google Sheet cell in to one tag. If the ‘map’ slider is disabled, the interface of the module allows you to add separate items, the array will be created in the background. That means you need to add each item manually. Generally not a good option for tags, as they are dynamic by nature.

If you enable the map slider, you can map a string with separated values. You have full control, but you need to check what format is excepted. As far as I can see, the Tags parameter of the Etsy api expects an array:

Try to pass the tags as an array with split() function by enabling the slider. This will return and pass the values as an array:

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It works. I was making unuseful steps: get a variable, make an array, iteration, etc. This was easy and fast. Thank you very much.