Get a receipt from Etsy and Iterate 4 collection from an array to add them into a Google Spreadhseet row

Hello, etsy’s get a receipt module does retrieve my order data, but the 4 transactions that represent the 4 products in my order are in the form of a collection in an array. I manage to extract these 4 collections and transform them into 4 bundles, but then when I connect google sheet add a row I only find the first collection.

How can I add all the information from the various colllections in the transaction array to the google sheet add a row module?

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Do you want each transaction as individual rows? It looks like you just need to map the values in the Google Sheets “Add a Row” module, since you have 4 bundles, you should see 4 new rows.


Hi, nope, i want all transaction, so now all bundle, being in the same row like this :

Transaction 1 product name | Transaction 1 quantity | Transaction 2 product name | product 2 quantity

In that case, you don’t even need an array iterator!

In each field (column), you just gotta map/enter the values, that should look something like this:

Status (A): {{21.transactions.1.title}}

Message (B): {{21.transactions.1.quantity}}

Reciept (C): {{21.transactions.2.title}}

Column (D): {{21.transactions.2.quantity}}



I only have the choice for the first transaction :

How to i had like to said {{21.transactions.2.title}} ?

Like this ?

Insert the number 1 in-between the square brackets. This is the array index (starting from 1, 2, 3, …)



Okay great. Thanks for all you answers !

No problem, glad I could help!

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