Create Custom App and Client Credentials in Twitter

Hi there, I need your help to understand documentation on “Create Custom App and Client Credentials in Twitter”.

I have created an App at Twitter Developer Portal, and got a Client ID and Secret Key. This is the only App under Defoult Project.
Now according to Make documentation, I have to “Add an Existing App to the Project” and to do this the first step is to remove the app from any existing projects. Under the Apps section, I need to click Manage. and press remove from Project.


When I do so it says that if I remove this App I will no longer be able to access v2 endpoints, use OAuth 2.0 authentication


The next steps according to the instructions are:

  1. Go to the Project and select Add an existing app.
  2. Select the app you want to add to the project in the Add your App screen.

If I removed this App how can I add App in the next step? I’m lost. Please help to figure out what to do.

Hi @Nataliia ,

I remember reaching out to their support for a similar thing.

You can follow the steps mentioned here: This will require you to create a new connection to Twitter from within Make with client id and client secret. You can find a short video here. Please navigate to “Twitter dev” to create a custom app by following the steps above and you’ll be able to use API v2.