Create Dynamic API-Connections to 3rd party modules such as Zoho-CRM

we have the following challenge and ask how to resolve:

We currently connect our scenarios to Zoho-CRM API with fixed ‘admin-user’ credentials; so regardless of the CRM-user who calls the scenario via webhook, the scenario’s Zoho-CRM API connects with a standard admin-user.

However, there are quite some downsides to this static approach, as some field-updates etc. within Zoho won’t get updated if you run API commands other than the actual user who is calling the API.

So how can a dynamic API-connection to e.g. Zoho-CRM module be established, depending on the user who is calling the scenario (e.g. via webhook?).

Of course we could just clone the scenario for each user and add a dedicated connection for each user. But we got dozens of users, so this approach isn’t feasible.

Thanks in advance.

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This appears to be a known, commonly asked request, please upvote and follow this link in Idea Exchange for further information / updates.

Hope this points you in the right direction, Thanks.