Create invoices based in service choice

Hi everyone! I have created an automation that my Notion database items and based in status it creates an invoice from a template in Google Docs, finally it uploads it to Google Drive. I have multiple services: dog walking, dog training or petting with different templates. I am new in Make, I was wondering if there is a way to create a function that is like if service= dog training, the template is this… Also if there are multiple services selected by the client to merge the templates, is it possible?

I think I could use an iterator or Router, but I dont know them because I am pretty new. If anyone can if give a hand, I will appreciate it very much!

If you want to choose the Template based on the value from the Notion module then you should use the switch function in the “Create a Document from a Template” module - Document ID field. But if you have different values in each template that should be replaced by values from the Notion module then you should use the Router module and each path should be for one template.