Create Woocommerce order for succesful stripe payment

Im trying to create a Woocommerce Order for every succesful payment in Stripe that belongs to a subscription.
We are currently using Zapier but is failing to much and is not reliable, lot of orders missing.

So, we have the option for clients to pay in 1 term, which they do in Woocommerce directly and the order get created instant.
For payment in terms we use Stripe subscriptions, and for each succesful payment that belongs to a subscription we need to create the corresponding order in Woocommerce.

I cant find this trigger when creating the scenario. Im I missing something? Can i get some guidance for this? Its quite straightforward in Zapier, but not working 100%.

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the Make community!

Stripe only has one Trigger module.


Therefore you might need to create a filter to “accept” only the event type you want, which is payment completed.


Thanks for your answer!
Yes, should be payment completed BUT only if belong to “subscription creation” or “subscription update”. Is it possible to filter that as well?

I don’t use Stripe, so you’ll need to run it and see what data you get first before you can see what you can create a filter for.