Creating a google sheet from uploaded csv to google drive

Hi Everyone,

I’m new to using I’m currently struggling with trying to figure this out would appreciate any help I can get. I am trying to create a new google sheet from a template such that everytime I upload a CSV onto a google drive a new google sheet is created.

Currently there are 2 issues.
(1) the new google sheet has 3 additional columns more than the CSV. I thought of creating the google sheet from template to get around this.

(2) Now that the new google sheet is created, I am not sure how do I set up such that each row of the CSV will be populated in this new google sheet.

Thank you so much in advance for any help!

Hi @rodney_yap

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After creating the google sheet from template, please use “add a row” module and map your csv data in that module.

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Hey , here is the solution for your problem .
blueprint (5).json (32.5 KB)

“Watch the files in a folder” in drive . Then download that file . Next you to use a “parse CSV” module and give the data field from the downloaded file to CSV field . Then you can map all the fields in the "add a row " google sheet module.

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