Delete columns from CSV and create new Google Sheet

I’m working on deleting unwanted columns from a CSV. I’m using the CSV module but not sure if that’s actually the best thing to use. The problem is I can’t figure out how to get the final CSV back out into a new Google Sheet.

I’m parsing the CSV data then, then using CSV (Create CSV advanced) to create a new data structure with just the columns I need. That all works but I can’t figure out how to push that final CSV data to a Google Sheet.

Questions are:
Is CSV module actually the best way to just delete columns from the file?
What’s the best way to get the resulting CSV back out of Make?


Welcome to the Make community!

You may not even need to use the advanced module, just unselect the column you want to remove from the basic Create CSV module:

To make a Google Sheet from CSV, just select Convert a file > spreadsheet


Hey samliew, thanks so much for your response and sorry for not replying back sooner. Your guidance helped and I was able to get it working as desired.

Thanks again for the quick help!


No worries. Thanks for letting me know that you’ve managed to resolve it, and I’m glad I could help!