Creating a WooCommerce Product

I have created a scenario that will catch the web hook on form submission (collecting all the form data, image URL’s etc) on ‘Website A’. Then it will create a WooCommerce product on ‘Website B’ using that data. On ‘Website B’ I have got some meta fields (media fields) that I am trying to link the image URL’s with, but when the WooCommerce product gets created, the meta field is blank and the image doesn’t appear.

Does anyone know if I might be doing something wrong, or if I need to do something else first for this to correctly work?


Did you figure this out?

Hey @DigitalCrustacean ,
it would be great if you could provide some more information and screenshots.
Us people from the community can not see what kind of setup you have or how you are trying to retrieve data :wink:

let me know