Creating big Data Stores

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If I want to create a data store with a small number of records, then it’s easy to do it manually.

But what if I need to create a data store, where there will be, for example, 1000 records? How to do it quickly?


I want to create a data store where 1000 names will be stored.


Is it possible to use something like data import?

Hi. Create a datastore (and it’s data model) is simple. But you can’t do bulk inserts. You need add the records / rows individually in flow. It’s fast too, even for 1000 records it will takes only a few seconds.

Here is a guide that can help you:

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Hi @Wemakefuture

I tried it. It works. But there is a problem.

I need the key to look like 1,2,3 etc. But a meaningless character set is automatically generated.

For example

Is it possible to somehow make the keys look like 1,2,3, etc.?

Ohh, I hope you didn’t run all your 1000 records because you will have to redo them.

Here is the solution. When using the Add a Record module, you can also map value to the key to set your desired key value for each record. If you leave it blank then the system will generate it automatically (and that’s what happened here).

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I only tested 10 records. Everything is fine :slight_smile:

Perhaps we are talking about the same thing, but I will describe my decision in more detail.

  1. After the googlesheet module add Datastore “Count record” module.

  2. Add Datastore “Add/replace record” module after the count record module and setup as shown in the below image.

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For future reference and if it’s an option, you can also simply add a column to your Google Sheets doc, that is a continuous count up (1, 2, 3 etc.). Then map that column to the Key field when creating the record. Saves you operations :slight_smile: