Creating invoices for each bundle/line item?!

I’m trying to use Webhooks to create Invoices in Zoho Books.

To properly match the contact and Items I use modules to list these aspects from Zoho. I can then have access to the internal IDs required to create the invoice.

As my Order data has multiple order lines I use an Iterator to create bundles.

The problem I’m currently having is that I’m creating a separate invoice for each line item. Feels like I’m missing something really simple?

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.


I’m assuming your iterator is going through each Line Item, so if you’re only wanting to create a single invoice in the end, you’ll need an aggregator to create the array of line items, which then stops each line item triggering a new invoice to be created.

Right now, after your iterator, each item it iterates through will repeat the actions after the iterator module. Aggregator will bring that repeating to an end.

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