Process flow with iterator and billing record

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I have a logic failure that require some assistance please. I use Optimoroute to plan and schedule our deliveries. at day end, read the routes (iterate), then iterate the orders per route, and then determine completion status. at this point i update an offline record with status. then i want to read my merchants into a list, search for all the orders per merchant, and then create billing bundles per merchant for Zoho books.

Each part of this process works well, but i would like to string this into a single process. this is where i need assistance, as i need to take the first part, which can create up to three bundles, and then bring everything together as a single process of executions, as the bundle creation process for Zoho books is another set of iterations.

I am a little lost here. I tried making the Optimoroute process a webhook call and return, but as i have no idea how many orders are delivered per day, or how many routes per day, i have not figured out how to keep a counter going so that i can do a webhook return upon completion. at the moment, the webhook returns happens on the 1st iteration.

Just to Summarise:
Process 1:

  1. Read Optimoroute for routes;
  2. Iterate each route for orders;
  3. Aggregate all the orders into a single array and then get Optimoroute to provide feedback on the orders;
  4. Iterate the array and update offline data store record.

Process 2:

  1. Read our merchant list (as we don’t know which merchants scheduled deliveries for the day);
  2. Read the offline data store records, and create bundles per merchant for deliveries done;
  3. Aggregate the records per merchant and create a single Zoho invoice per merchant for the day.

It works if i create two seperate scenarios and run them on timers.

Assistance and ideas greatly appreciated.

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Thank you Samliew

The Optimoroute tools is a private tool (have not had the time to document and promote it yet). To replicate the scenarios one could easily use the data store functionality.

At this point i am just looking for some ideas and suggestions.

Your prompt response highly appreciated!

What i am trying to understand, given the nature of MAKE and the manner in which it processes the scenario, if it is possible to have several iterators and aggregators running in a scenario, with ONE iterator NOT aggregating, and still control the process flow. Where my current logic breaks, is the update of the orders at the end of process 1 (optimoroute).

It seems that without introducing an aggregator into process 1, this is not possible.

If the scenario contains an open iterator, one have to “close” the iterator with an aggregator before trying to continue with the process.

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