Creating The Best AI Voice Assistant With Vapi x Make

Hey automation enthusiasts, managers, CEOs, and CTOs! :mega:

In our latest video, we show you how to connect with to set up an efficient bot that will help you book a hotel room or schedule appointments through inbound calls. This tutorial covers the basics of, its benefits, and how to use to automate functionalities.

:mag: What you’ll learn:

  • Basics of
  • Configuring a bot
  • Handling inbound calls
  • Booking a hotel room by connecting with
  • Enhancing customer communication and productivity with step-by-step instructions

:date: Chapters:
00:00 VAPI Introduction
03:52 How to create an AI assistant?
12:36 How to connect VAPI with Make?
14:35 VAPI Live Demo

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to streamline your processes and boost your productivity! Check out the video now and start automating like a pro! :rocket: