CSV from Google Drive does not show content in bundle

I have a CSV file which I want to use to create/update a spreadsheet in google drive.
I use google drive to get the CSV file, but when I want to use it in further modules, the bundle does not show me the content of the file. I have looked at how to do what I want to do with the CSV module, but it needs a tag(? I dont know how to call it) or connection to the content. In the bundle I see a lot of information, but none of them containing the contents of the file or the “text” so to say.

Does it have to do with the Google Drive module?

Use the Parse CSV module to parse the CSV fields and map them to the respective Google Sheets.

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Hello Manish,

Thank you for your respons. I already found this feature and this is what I intend to do. However, to do that you need to have the text of the file, or the content of it so to say. However, the bundle somehow does not contain the content and therefore has nothing to parse.
In this image is what I mean. I opened all “+” but the text is nowhere.

I think we will have to investigate it on screen.

The solution was that I had to use a download file in order to get to the Data. (and the data was shown in binaire)

Heya @Miriam_Fonk :wave:

Thanks so much for letting us know how you managed to solve this :pray:
Much appreciated.

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