Custom app help: Picking a mappable parameter from within an array

Hey guys,

I am working on a custom app and improving one of the HTTP (Patch) request modules. I have hit a road block in picking the value of a mappable parameter inside an array spec object.

So, here’s the mappable parameter configuration:

As you can see, the first part of the array is a text value, the next part is an RPC which the user picks while configuring the module. The text part is being read find by the Communication section of the module but not the ‘attributeid’ parameter.

Here’s a screenshot of my Communication configuration:

When I execute the scenario, it errors out and under the debugger the response body is incorrect:

The correct request body should look like this:

In the above screenshot, the ID is being picked up from the output of the RPC module, this works fine when the text input and RPC selection are configured as a single item. But putting them under an array completely messes up the request body.

Any suggestions on how I can pick the ‘attributeid’ parameter in the ‘Communication’ section?

Hey @sArchitect I would suggest that you reach out to support team

How does your RPC for picking the id in userattribute look like?

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