How to Create a Reusable Mappable Value (RPC) with Predefined Values?


I’m currently working on a custom app and I’m trying to create a Reusable Mappable Value (RPC) with a set of predefined values. Instead of fetching these values from an API, I want to define them directly within Here are the values I need to work with:

  { "doc_type_code": "100", "label": "Order" },
  { "doc_type_code": "200", "label": "Delivery" },
  { "doc_type_code": "300", "label": "Transaction Invoice" },
  { "doc_type_code": "305", "label": "Invoice" },
  { "doc_type_code": "320", "label": "Invoice Receipt" },
  { "doc_type_code": "330", "label": "Invoice Refund" },
  { "doc_type_code": "400", "label": "Receipt" },
  { "doc_type_code": "405", "label": "Donation Receipt" },
  { "doc_type_code": "600", "label": "Offer" }

I’m looking for guidance on how to set up these values in so they can be reused in various scenarios without the need for an API call. Any step-by-step instructions or tips would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you in advance for your help!

Hi @Segev_Solomon1,

Do not confuse Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) with mappable values. You are able to predefine values/parameters in the Parameters tab of the Custom App. If the values that you need to work with are static, you can create a module with Static Parameters as such:

  "name": "docTypeSelector",
  "label": "Document Type Selector",
  "type": "select",
  "options": [
    { "value": "100", "label": "Order" },
    { "value": "200", "label": "Delivery" },
    { "value": "300", "label": "Transaction Invoice" },
    { "value": "305", "label": "Invoice" },
    { "value": "320", "label": "Invoice Receipt" },
    { "value": "330", "label": "Invoice Refund" },
    { "value": "400", "label": "Receipt" },
    { "value": "405", "label": "Donation Receipt" },
    { "value": "600", "label": "Offer" }
  "required": true

For more info, see: Static parameters | Make Apps

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First of all, thanks for the answer.

I understand this, but what if I need to use the same selection in multiple places in different modules? Is there no option to build it once for reuse?

What if I have 300 different options? It would be very long to write it in another file rather than splitting it…

Isn’t there a convenient solution that allows me to reuse the selection?

If you have multiple modules that all make use of the same parameters, you should consider if Static Parameters should be used. You could set up an RPC that pulls the values from a Make scenario that you control, making your development of the Custom App easier. And in addition, if the values change in the future, you only have to change it in one place.

The definition of Static Parameters is that they are hardcoded, and thus be written once. If that is inconvenient, the RPC method is the way to go.


Thank you very much!
How do I change the URL so that it points directly to the scenario and not to the URL defined in the BASE itself?

Instead of using a relative path that appends to the baseUrl, specify the full URL directly in the url field. This overrides the base URL configuration.

  "url": "https://specific.api.url/endpoint",