Custom Order on Auto-Align

Hi team - is there any way to customise the sort order for Auto-align? I have a router with 7 branches coming off it. It’s really handy to have them in a specific order. If i click auto-align to tidy everything up it seems to order the branches by (i think) module id for the first module of the branch. Would be super handy if we could specify the order.

Hi @IainM ,

According to the order in which you linked your branches to your router, your branches will appear after your router.
By unlinking the branches and relinking them in the order you prefer, you can easily change the order. As soon as you click the auto align function, the order will also be changed visually.

I hope this answers your question.
Glenn - Callinetic


Hey thanks Glenn. That’s a good shout. Hopefully, it doesn’t screw up the filters. Thanks for your input mate

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