🔥 Feature Spotlight: Introducing Updated Router

Hey Makers :wave:

Exciting news! Our Router got a makeover and is now more powerful than ever before :tada:

You’re familiar with the Router.

It’s a tool that lets you branch your scenarios into several routes, giving you the ability to process each stream of data differently based on the conditions you set.

Well, here’s the news! :drum::drum:

:1234: You can now visually see the order of all routes and easily set and change the order of routes belonging to a specific router.

:jigsaw: The Router also lets you manage all the modules that follow a router in one go.

Just click the route menu and then click ‘Select whole branch’ which will automatically select all the subsequent modules.

Helpful Resources

:make: for more details, check out the Router guide in our Help Center
:make: to learn all about our latest enhancements and updates, dive into our Release Notes


I’ve already noticed this new feature within the past day, thanks for the update!


Oh that’s awesome to hear! You’re quite the eagle-eyed observer :eagle:

Awesome! Love this Feature!


Heya @guuyef :wave:

Great to hear that you’re a fan! :sunglasses:


Mistake: You need to right click the route path (line) itself, and then “select whole branch”. I couldn’t quite figure this out initially.

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Hi @makeLeo welcome to the community :wave:
Thank you so much for sharing the clarification on what ‘route menu’ means. Much appreciated :pray: