Using information from a router branch on the next one

I have a scenario with a router with 3 possible routes shown in this image

Case A marked in black. Takes only the first route, Send an email and stop

Case B marked in red. Takes the second route, and then, continue with the third route

Case C marked in blue. Takes only the third route.

The issue is for case B. Need to use some of the data obtained in the second route for the third route.

Seems that as second is executed earlier I could refer to that data, but don’t know how

Any suggestion is appreciated

Hi @Enrique ,

In that case, you can set the necessary data as variable at the end of your second branch.
You can then get that variable in your third branch to work with.

Glenn - Callinetic

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Thanks a lot for your answer.

Have reproduced your proposal

But as you can see when I try to define the variable Branch2 in Module 5 (in the second branch) it doesn’t allow me to select any variable defined in the Module 4 of the first branch. It only offers variables defined in Module 1

It is only possible to use variables from a module that precedes the current module. That’s why you need to use the Get variable module of the tools app and set the name that you set in your top branch.

I hope this short GIF explains what I mean.

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Thanks a lot!!

Now I undertand what you meant. You said it in the first answer but I didn’t understand it

It works nicely