🟣 Releases on Make: August 2023 [MR]

Hey there Makers :wave:

Hope you’re enjoying the last warm days and sunsets of summer. :city_sunset:
August is behind us so here in front of us is a list of new apps, modules, and features that were released on Make!

:purple_circle: New Apps on Make :purple_circle:

:purple_circle: Anthropic Claude

Claude from Anthropic is a next-generation AI capable of a wide variety of conversational and text-processing tasks. You can take advantage when it comes to summarization, searching, creative and collaborative writing, Q&A, coding, and much more.

:purple_circle: Oracle Fusion Cloud HCM

This Oracle app enables you to optimize HR workflows on a large scale to keep your company’s people processes agile and efficient. Oracle Fusion delivers end-to-end solutions to manage every stage of your employees’ lifecycle from attacking talent to managing payroll and compensation.

Learn more: 🔥 App Spotlight: Oracle Fusion Cloud on Make

:purple_circle: Oracle Fusion Cloud ERP

Thanks to this app, you can monitor your financial health by managing your procurement and financial processes. To accomplish this, you can take advantage of this app’s features such as AI automation of manual processes, analytics, or automatic updates to be kept up to date.

Learn more: 🔥 App Spotlight: Oracle Fusion Cloud on Make

:purple_circle: Oracle Fusion Cloud Sales

Oracle Fusion Cloud Sales offers intelligent suggestions, recommendations, and sales tools to boost your productivity and success.

Learn more: 🔥 App Spotlight: Oracle Fusion Cloud on Make

:purple_circle: SamCart

This e-commerce platform serves as a space for creators to sell their products, goods, and services. Thanks to SamCart’s clever features, you can showcase digital products, convert visitors, and maximize the value of customer relationships while speeding up the sales processes.

:purple_circle: The Next Leg (Midjourney)

Midjourney is a powerful AI app that generates images from your description. This community extension provides API access to the platform’s features and services.

:purple_circle: Webflow [v2]

Webflow is a visual web designer and building platform for launching your own website without knowing how to write code. To accomplish this, you can use its tools such as animation, content management, and e-commerce tools.

:jigsaw: New Modules on Make :jigsaw:

:jigsaw: NetSuite

  • New modules that let you work with Custom Records
  • Search records module has the option to filter by entity custom fields
  • Custom fields supported when creating/updating records

:jigsaw: Outseta

  • Subscribe a Person to the List
  • Cancel an Account

:jigsaw: Pipedrive CRM [v2]

  • Search Deals
  • Search Organizations
  • Search Persons
  • Search Products

:jigsaw: Webflow [v2]

  • Get a Page (returns metadata information for a single page)

:jigsaw: Workday Financial Management

  • Make a SOAP API Call
  • Run a WQL Query
  • Get a RAAS
  • List Currencies

:jigsaw: Xero

  • Create an Account
  • Update an Account

:jigsaw: Youcanbook.me

  • New Connection using API Key

:hammer_and_wrench: Enhancements and Updates :hammer_and_wrench:

:hammer_and_wrench: Functions

  • Descriptive tooltips for () functions

:hammer_and_wrench: List of Devices

  • New Icon next to the connected system name shows you if it’s connected to an On-prem agent

:hammer_and_wrench: Router

  • Option to set the order of all routes belonging to a specific router
  • Chance to manage all the modules that follow a router with one click

Learn more: 🔥 Feature Spotlight: Introducing Updated Router

:hammer_and_wrench: Scenario Editor

  • Full app name displayed under modules

:hammer_and_wrench: Support

  • Streamlined support ticket process

To lean more about latest enhancements and updates, check out our :point_right: Release notes

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Both Webflow links are the same, the first should go to https://www.make.com/en/integrations/webflow


Good catch! :superhero:

The link is updated, thanks a lot :pray:

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LOVE seeing here the Anthropic (Claude) app!


Awesome to hear that! :sunglasses: