Customer Support Existance?

I’m getting about 5 emails on average every single minute for the past 8 days now.
After the first couple of days of it occurring, I cloned the scenario and deleted the original one to try and stop the emails from coming. Yet, 5 days later the emails are still coming in for a non-existent scenario. If I try to click the scenario link in the email, it takes me to an Error 404 page.

I reached out to support on Sat Feb 11th. The only response I have received to date is:

Upon checking the logs on your originial scenario, it shows that it ran a few times with 150+ operations consumed for every run, because of the data it was receiving automatically. Basically, it was triggered because data were coming into the webhook URL which is a normal behavior.

There is nothing calling that webhook. The webhook doesn’t even exist anymore (from my view).

I have the Pro plan but I have purchased a ton of additional operations to keep my other scenarios running, while this error continues to eat away at my operations. I have paid Make more than the TEAMS plan, but yet I’m not receiving support.

Any tips on how to get this thing killed?

Here is the fix the email flood.

Go to Profile (bottom left) > Email Preference and turn off the warning and error emails.

On the webhook part, I can see the latest spike in the graph. Maybe that scenario also consumes operations and throws errors. Just go to the scenario history and see.

Feel free to reach out for further assistance.

@OmaCoder Did you actually remove / disable the webhook, or just the scenario?
Webhooks are a different part of the ecosystem than scenarios, they are not directly linked to each other (when deleting a scenario for example).

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I did not- but that would have been a good troubleshooting step.
But the webhook was not being called. The scenario was just running over and over and over and over and over non-stop. I’m surprised it didn’t clog up their SMTP server. I imagine that’s why I continued to get emails a week later about it failing was the SMTP server.

I think that would not have fixed the issue. I think all of the emails were already sitting on their SMTP server, so shutting off warnings and errors emails would not have emptied out the queue on the outbox.

I believe I am looking for a way that says brute force stop scenario. Otherwise, it will just continue to run in an endless loop until all of my operations are eaten up. Then it will finally stop with a new error that I am out of operations.