Data from Trello Custom Field


Please can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong ?
I’m trying to get the data from the Trello custom field (drop down list), which has few options, and then forward it to the Discord server. See screenshot.

My problem is that no matter which option I select from the list, on Discord only the 1st option always appears.

I tried to use the “Get custom field option” module but it gets overwritten on discord as several tabs depending on how many options the dropdown list shows. I thought I was using a dynamic value depending on what the value is in the list. Just like it works for example for Card Name or other data.

The Options[] variable (notice the square brackets), is an array. You’ll need to use an Array Iterator on the Options variable, to iterate through the option values.


Then, you can directly access each Text variable after that:



thank you for your answer. I tried it, but I have the same problem as when I use Trello module “Get Custom Fields Options”. On Discord, the message appears several times each time with one of the options from the custom field. I would like only one message with a value that matches on the Trello card

Hi, I’m having a similar problem FilipT. Did you eventually figure it out?


Yes,the Trello “Get a Card” module has in the output the “Option value ID” value which is the ID for a value that was chosen from the dropdown menu field. You can retrieve then the value from the “Get Custom Field Options”

They also recommended me to use a filter

The whole scheme looks like this


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Thank you so much for sharing the additional information for this trouble. We truly appreciate it, because this way our community stays neat and tidy for others to look for solutions.

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Thanks a lot @FilipT . That was really helpful!