Get the value of multiple Trello custom fields (dropdown)

My goal is to do something very similar to this scenario, but looking at the instructions and screenshots I’m still a bit confused and not sure how to set it all up efficiently (I don’t think there is a full scenario attached there to look it up).

What I want to do:

  1. Trigger a scenario with Trello’s Watch Cards Moved to a List
  2. Get data from that Card with Get a Card
  3. Get Custom Fields values: Client and a Project – this is what is confusing to me
  4. Check if the Airtable record exists and if not create a new record and map the selected Card’s data

The Get a Card module is outputting the Custom Fields array so I would imagine I need to loop through it with Iterator and retrieve the option value, but the output is missing this information.

Looping through Custom Fields array makes most sense to me so having this scenario:

I think I need to get the dropdown value based on the Option value ID from Iterator and the output form Get Custom Field Options.

Could you please help me out putting this together?