Date and time filter

can somone tell me why this is not working?

Screenshot 2024-03-31 231107
Screenshot 2024-03-31 231043

Make sure the dates are in the same format. Use the formatDate function to get them both in the same format if they are not.


If you are setting the current date in separate modules, there is a slight delay in milliseconds (which is not displayed in the formatted date).

What are you trying to accomplish by doing this?


Hi @rthidden

If your requirement is only to match date only, please try with formatDate function to make the date into a specific format and then use filter. Please confirm both sections using same formating.

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How do i get rid of the miliseconds or atleast make it return zero for value @samliew

I think the problem is coming from the extra milliseconds from the run time of the scenerio