Date Format Not Accepted by Stripe

Hi. I am using the MM/DD/YYYY date format in a HubSpot CRM Deal field. It works flawlessly for automating things in Google Calendar. However, I tried passing the HubSpot date to Stripe and my scenario returned this error.

The operation failed with an error. If invoice collection method is ‘send_invoice’, you must specify ‘due_date’ or ‘days_until_due’.

As you can see in the screenshot below, I specified a due date.

The exact string of characters for the date that was passed from HubSpot is this:


What date format does Stripe require and how (assuming I am extremely new to Make) exactly do I convert it to the acceptable date format? Where do I start the fix for this? Thanks.

Hey @Jesse
Can you share a screenshot of the input bundle from here;
You probably have to use parse date to convert hubspot date to stripe usable date.

{{parseDate("hubspot date here"; "MM/DD/YYYY")}}
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Thanks. The screenshot of the input bundle is here:

I tried to apply the function you provided and I got the same error. However, I might not have done it correctly. Below, you can see a screenshot of what that function looked like when I ran the scenario.

Edit: I also tried the same thing with the formatDate() function and it did not work.